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The 5150 Mission

Our mission at 5150 has three very different, but equally important goals:

  1. Help people of all fitness levels reach their full potential and achieve goals they never thought possible;
  2. Build a community of people who support, challenge and inspire each other by living a healthy lifestyle;
  3. Make people have fun at fitness, look forward to working out and are committed to their success.
The 5150 Vision (how we fulfill our mission)
The 5150 Promise
The 5150 Philosophy

September 16, 2014

CrossFit 5150 get committed. – CrossFit




8: Pull-ups


Split Jerk (3×5)

Dont go heavy work on tech.


Metcon (Time)

wall balls 20/14
burpees on plate
K2Elbow holding wall ball with feet

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