You want to know a big secret? Most people are bored at their gym. And that’s why they are hate going and and usually give-up. The reason? There is no planned workout, no coach to instruct you and the same workout day after day. At 5150 we use hard science to create unique workouts designed for maximum results. Our classes are small and our coaches are with you every step of the way. Would you get bored if every day is a different workout? That’s 5150. Our members look forward to the workouts and never get board. Every day is challenging and every day people get results. Most of all, every day is fun. Start looking forward to going to the gym. Start at 5150 today.
Guess what? It probably wasn’t you – yeah those extra cupcakes didn’t help – but you didn’t have a community to support you, coaches to lead you and you probably didn’t look forward to working hard at the gym. At 5150 our coaches understand nutrition. They are real people who understand the trials of loosing weight. And if you need extra help you can get one-on-one coaching in our special weight loss program. In addition you are a part of a community of people working to live a healthy lifestyle. People who come to CrossFit to loose weight succeed and surpass even their wildest goals.
From the tough mudder to a triathlon or marathon. From power lifting to CrossFit or GRID competition. From soccer, football, ice hockey to everything in-between. We know CrossFit builds better athletes because we’ve seen it happen every day since 2009! From teenagers trying to make the team, to seniors doing their first marathon – everyone gets better at 5150. The nature of CrossFit 5150’s strong base in functional movement and endurance combined with strength training and mobility supports all sports. So if you are looking for personal record or trying to get a college scholarship, 5150 will take you to the next level.
Or in a bathing suit? Or just feel great about how you look. Let’s face it, all the health and fitness benefits aside – it really comes down to the fact that we all want to look good in our birthday suit. Just to know you can streak naked across the mall and people will be impressed and not horrified. It’s a powerful feeling. (It doesn’t mean you have to do it. In fact, we don’t recommend it! But its nice to know you can.) Join us at CrossFit 5150 and although we won’t get naked together, we will get you into the best shape of your life.


Our mission at 5150 has three very different, but equally important goals:

  1. Help people of all fitness levels reach their full potential and achieve goals they never thought possible;
  2. Build a community of people who support, challenge and inspire each other by living a healthy lifestyle;
  3. Make people have fun at fitness, look forward to working out and are committed to their success.

We succeed at our mission by;

1. Providing workouts scientifically designed for maximum results. Workouts that challenge the most advanced athletes and are modifiable for people of all levels. Workouts that are constantly varied, never the same on any day and combine hard work with fun;

2. We support our members’ goals and encourage them to reach beyond their comfort zone. Whether the goal is to lose weight or be a champion athlete, get the 3:30 marathon or finish a first triathlon, become a more powerful weightlifter or just pick up the grandkids with ease — we help you set, succeed and surpass your goals;

3. We support and respect athletes of all levels. We build a strong community that shares ideas and information and motivates our members to live a healthy lifestyle. Together we overcome challenges and celebrate victories.

At 5150 we promise to offer the highest level of challenging training in a small group environment. We promise to have the highest quality coaches with the best possible training methods. We promise that our coaches are continually learning, training and studying the latest methods to provide the most scientific and effective workouts possible. We promise to give you the personal attention and support you need to reach your goals. We promise that you will have a clean and safe place to train. We promise that all athletes will be treated with respect regardless of their fitness background (and that includes no fitness background.) We promise to push you hard at every workout and when needed provide smart modifications to help you get stronger at a healthy pace. We promise to listen, respond and meet your needs and help you exceed your own expectations.

The 5150 Philosophy is one based on strength, community and commitment.   To have the best possible programing, most effective and well-trained coaches, amazing community of athletes and build a fun place that you look forward to going to on a regular basis.

Strength: Using the key elements of functional movement, endurance, mobility and strength training our approach is to make you into a strong and fit individual. When you first come into CrossFit5150   you may wonder where are all the machines? We don’t have them because you are the machines. Our focus is teaching you both the physical as well as the mental strength to succeed in any situation. (Did we mention you will have fun every day?)

Community: We have a tight knit community of athletes who work together and support each other on a regular basis. 5150 will become more than an anonymous place you stop at on your way to or from work. It will become a lifestyle — a part of your everyday life. You will see amazing displays of inspiration and friendship on a regular basis at 5150. People who train here like to be challenged, learn to work hard, love the success of reaching their goals, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others reach their true potential. (We also have some kick-ass BBQs!)

Commitment: Commitment at 5150 starts with our commitment to you. In return, you will discover the ability to truly commit to a strength and fitness program that you can live with for the rest of your life. This is not a quick fix, but a way for you to build a stronger you on each day, each week, and each year. We will be there to help when you are tired, when you begin to doubt yourself, and when your commitment wavers. We will get you back on track and you will get committed. (We know you will succeed because it’s been working for our members since 2009!)

September 19, 2017

CrossFit 5150 – CrossFit


CF 5150 #4 (No Measure)

10 scap pull ups

50′ bear crawls

20 toe touches

50″ bear crawls

5 scap pull ups forward and backwards

100 m jog


Metcon (Time)


cal on rower or bike

thrusters 115\80



hang squat cleans



When you finish one go right in to the other

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