Today’s WOD

The WOD is posted at 7pm each night for the next day. You can also see past WODs by scrolling down to get an idea of the 5150 programing.


CrossFit 5150 – CrossFit



Metcon (No Measure)

8 min Emom

odd .30 sec headstand

even max effort hanging Lsit
after .30 hsh rest .30 And dont be afraid to try off the wall

Metcon (Weight)

9 min emom

min1,4,7 =3 thrusters

min 2,5,8= 2 Thrusters

min 3,6,9=1 thrusters
keep going up in weight work to a heavy

Bench Press (8@65 6@70 4@75 2@800)

alternate with pike box HSPU

Metcon (No Measure)

pike box HSPU